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Dates: 27th June – 5th July 2014

Start: Mielno (northern Poland) - 19:00 CET 

Finish : Lviv (Ukraine) - Saturday 5.07.2014




Joint flight over whole Poland, from Pomeranian District in the north to Lviv in Ukraine, close to Polish border - Key to Freedom - Poland beyond borders. It is our way to express full support to Ukraine's aspiration to freedom. A group of PPG pilots from different parts of our country is going to fly about 1000km in 10 days, from Pomerania to Lviv. Over the course of their flight they will organize short stops and happenings (air shows, tandem flights, and ground events). Whole flight will be documented by great photos and movies.

"Poland beyond borders - free Ukraine" is organized by trikes manufacturer FLYCAR , , Paragliding Association from Gniezno, Poland and PPG manufacturer EcExtreme. This event would not take place without an invaluable effort of our partners, helping pilots on their way to Lviv - to name a few - Krzysztof Szczygieł (Skarżysko-Kamienna), Krzysztof Szewczyk (Gdynia), Artur "Meteo" (Świdwin), Michał Sapeta (Tuczno-Dobiegniew), Roman Tasiemski (Przemęt), Łukasz Szymura (Rybnik), Donat Zawidzki (Odolanów).

FLYCAR prepared great surprise for all the pilots that would like to join the initiative on the way south. Everyone can test new trike SKYBUGGY with new EcExtreme motor. It will travel all the way to Lviv, in case any pilot would like to test it, or needs replacement for his own PPG. FlyElectronics also provides a backup for the initiative, fitting pilots with an advanced course tracking system and electronic devices for pilots' PPG. You can follow the pilots online on our webpage, please scroll down for more information!

Pilots will be starting each day about 6:00 CET and landing in the evening in partner cities. About 17:00 CET they start the air shows, followed by tandem flights and happenings.


Koszalin /Zegrze Pomorskie/ (PL) - Friday 27 VI

Sapeta Palace in Tłuczno /Dobiegniew/ (PL) – Saturday 28 VI

Przemęt /Leszno/ (PL) – Sunday 29 VI

Ostrów /Odolanów/ (PL) – Monday 30 VI

Rybnik (PL) – Tuesday 1 VII

Skarżysko Kamienna (PL) – Wednesday 2 VII

Sarzyna /Leżajsk/ (PL) – Thursday 3 VII

Bezmiechowa /Lesko/ (PL) – Friday 4 VII

Lwów (UA) - sobota 5 VII




  • Last recorded position of the group is marked on a map with a plane icon,
  • Group starts a flight in an early morning. In case weather conditions are unfavourable, they get around by cars,
  • Happenings are planned for afternoons. Cities are predefined - please see above,
  • Hovering mouse over one of points on the way, you can check time of reaching that point, current speed, direction, altitude and battery charging level,
  • To see latest position, please refresh the webpage (or turn auto-refreshing on),
  • To zoom in or out - use mouse scroll,
  • Green points on the map are planned waypoints to be visited on the groups course.

*** Refresh automatically every 60 seconds
*** Turn auto-refesh off


Photo story:

Last service prior departure:

Serwis sprzętu przed wylotem

Trike fitted with FlyElectronics MotoMonitor device:

Wózek wraz z urządzeniem MotoMonitor Firmy FlyElectronics

The only foot-starting PPG pilot - rest of group use trikes:


Trikes ready for take-off :

Widok na hangar

Team ready for departure:

 First views after take-off (Fishing Port in Chłopy):

6 out of 20 pilots in the air (click on picture to enlarge and find them all):