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We are extremely happy, that you have visited our webpage. Feel free to check the solutions we currently offer. There are certain cases, in which we commit to Privacy Policy with customers, thus you can see only part of the job we do. Be assured, though, that our stock is growing constantly.

Here you can find descriptions of our inventions. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please switch to the tab "SHOP" where you can find full offer and order form.

We are in process of constant progress, testing and implementing new technologies in our devices. Elements we use to build the devices are getting smaller to make the devices more handy and robust. At the same time we cooperate with customers to build devices upon requests, we started to design our own products. This was an effect of passion, that bounds our team - flying.

Our clients get the products that are tested and ready to use. We do not sacrifice quality for bigger quantities, but rather work hard to test each device in any conditions.