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Non-Invasive Fuel Sensor

FEFS (FlyElectronicsFuelSensor)



During our work on developing MotoMonitor we have met some inconveniences. Of course since the begging our device was supporting other fuel sensors such as Wema or floating sensors but vision of drilling big whole in a tank was not for us. We have decided to do something about it and we have developed incredible non invasive fuel sensor - able to measure fuel level with no interference with our tanks.

I guess you would say impossible...


And yet after a year of work we have developed FEFS (FlyElectronics Fuel Sensor) which you have to stick on the tank and connect it with MotoMonitor transmitter.

Some of the advantages such as weight, possibility to move to other tanks and most important tightness of the tank are clear to all of us.

Some of our customers of curse are asking "how does it work?" - of course we won't say it all but i can tell that our sensor detects fuel movement so it works well during the flight and a bit worse on the ground.